Home One Warranty

Specifically designed to manage home warranty contracts, it is not another generic extended warranty solution. Efficiently manage sales, commissions, coverages, contracts, renewals, claims and service dispatches.

Created by home warranty experts, this software makes handling contracts and claims much easier. Our years' experience in the industry make Home One Warranty a perfect match for your business.

Less expensive than enterprise software and completely customizable to your business policies. Get the exact reports that highlight costs and revenue opportunities. Detect claim fraud, monitor and reduce service cost.

Home One Warranty

Your New Competitive Advantage

The Home One Warranty software has been designed to address the specific needs of Home Warranty Providers and in many cases can even be used without change. However every business will have its own unique competitive advantage, and the software used to support the business must be extendable and able to address these needs. For example, Utility Companies use it to manage their home warranty contracts. Home Builders offering their own warranty find it helpful to organize their operations. Features include:

  • Very flexible coverage management, exactly tailored to your terms
  • Easy contract management, from online, phone and realtor sales
  • Multi-level commission tracking and customized discounts & pricing
  • Robust claim management features
  • Quick method for servicer adjudication and tighter control
  • Claim coverage, deductibles and maximum contract payout control
  • Claim fraud prevention
  • Automated email notifications upon renewals, call scripts and customizable follow up schedules
  • Optimized for mobile devices such as tablets and phones
  • Special user interface specifically designed for selling agents

Warranty Providers Choose Us

Let our knowledgeable consultants mold a solution that addresses your company's needs at an affordable price. We will assemble a home warranty software solution that meets your business needs.

Key Benefits

Using the Home One home warranty software will:

  • Cut down the learning curve if you are just starting a new home warranty business
  • Increase policy sales through the web, phone or realtors.
  • Reduce operating costs.
  • Increase renewal rates.
  • Better track profitability.
  • Manage commissions.
  • Reduce claim cost.

Cut Costs - Increase Profits

Using Home One warranty software to manage your home warranty business will:

  • Reduce personnel required to process home warranty contracts and claims.
  • Minimize fraudulent claims.
  • Better handle your service network and control costs with advanced service reporting.
  • The home warranty software also comes with user dashboards to quickly identify areas of profitability or loss.

Superior Customer Support

Purchase our Home One home warranty software with confidence knowing that we are dedicated to answering your questions in a professional and timely manner.

Support consultants have the knowledge to quickly solve issues and get your business back on track.


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Home One Warranty software helps your company efficiently manage home warranty contracts. The application effectively manages the pricing and coverages of different plans, the sale of home warranty product to a buyer, the processing of claims and the renewal of home warranty policies. Let us show you examples for home warranty companies, utility companies or home builders.

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