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The company headquarters are located in Lafayette, CO and was founded by Gary Serbousek. Gary has more than 10 years’ experience in the extended warranty and service market for a variety of industries such as home warranty, tire manufacturing, electronics and heavy equipment. He has had the opportunity to talk with many companies that sell extended home warranty plans, and identified a lack of any available software to effectively manage this type of business. Many of these companies are relying on spreadsheets or very simple home grown software applications to track critical parts of their business.

We are the only software company that exclusively addresses the software needs of companies offering extended warranty coverage for the homeowner. We value our customers and believe that we succeed only when our customers succeed. We proudly offer our Home One warranty solution to aide in our customer success and satisfaction.  Our home warranty software has been built with years of home warranty experience to meet the specific needs of companies selling extended warranty policies. to home owner and is not a warranty software application from another industry that has been shoehorned into the home warranty environment.

The benefits to you are:

  • Faster implementation: you do not have to "find out" how to tweak a generic solution to perform home warranty management.
  • Shorter learning curve: you and your employees will find working with this application much more familiar than a general purpose insurance or warranty application
  • Lower investment: enterprise warranty and insurance software packages are usually more expensive - and still do not match your business needs and need additional work!
  • Flexibility and quick response time: we have the agility to efficiently respond to your support requests, feature requests, modifications and reporting needs. You have virtually direct access to the development team, through our knowledgeable support staff and consultants.


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Home One Warranty software helps your company efficiently manage home warranty contracts. The application effectively manages the pricing and coverages of different plans, the sale of home warranty product to a buyer, the processing of claims and the renewal of home warranty policies. Let us show you examples for home warranty companies, utility companies or home builders.

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