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If we switch to Home One Warranty, is there a learning curve?

On the contrary! You will find all features you need in your daily operations much closer and in fewer "clicks" than your current repurposed generic solution or custom spreadsheet & database workaround. In the pre-launch phase, we will discuss with your team and completely tailor it to your needs. After a few months of use, you will notice the technical and administrative improvements in your home protection plans services.

Home Protection Plan Software for Utility Companies

Utility companies across the US are offering Home Protection Plans, which cover damage to appliances, sewer, gas, water and electricity lines. Utilities marketing this service either outsource the business to an established home warranty company or decide to manage it in-house using their existing resources.

If you are responsible for managing home protection plans, Home One Warranty software can help your administrative, technical and sales departments run smoothly by organizing all aspects of the operation. The software comes with many pre-configured options that will save you time (and mistakes), plus the ability to setup any coverage plan as you prefer, controlling items included, excluded, maximum payouts per term, etc.

What are typical home protection plans that can be managed with it?

The following are some examples of coverage plans that Home One can efficiently handle:

  • Water Line Protection Programs
  • Gas Line Protection Programs
  • Sewer Line Protection Programs
  • Interior Electric Line Protection Programs
  • Power Surge Protection Programs
  • Satellite/Cable TV/Phone Line Coverage Plans
  • In-Home Plumbing Emergency Protection Programs
  • Gas Line Protection Programs
  • In-Home Gas Line Repair Plans
  • HVAC/Electrical Component Repair Programs
  • Appliance Protection Plans
  • Water Heater Repair & Replacement Plans
  • Cooling System Repair Plans

In all cases you can customize every service plan, adding or excluding items covered, maximum yearly payouts and pricing. You can mix and match any service combination to create the packages that best suit your customers' needs - and your business strategy.

Why is Home One Warranty preferable to canned solutions? 

Because it was born to meet the demands of home protection and home warranty providers. It was not "adapted" from manufacturer warranty software or auto warranty packages. It was created by former home warranty company managers who embedded their experience into every module to take care of every usual task that home warranty providers encounter.

The result is a solution that has been proven reliable and robust by our clients, who have seen remarkable increases in productivity and customer satisfaction, and a clear reduction in claim fraud, service expenses, and overall operational costs.

How does Home One Warranty achieve these performance improvements?

Thanks to our years' experience actually working in the home warranty industry, we know exactly what to watch, how to measure it and translate it into actionable alerts and reports:

  • Strictly matching claims to your home protection plan terms: what products are covered, deductibles, maximum contract lifetime payouts and more. This reduces claim fraud considerably.
  • Controlling servicer adjudication and service costs, and tracking their performance record. The home protection plan software provides orientation about approximate repair costs. This allows you to continuously improve your service network, discard underperforming servicers and identify cost "black holes."
  • Providing complete traceability of all claims and contract changes. All associated documentation (PDFs, pictures, etc.) is stored, saving your operational staff significant time and preventing duplicate document requests or lack of compliance. All contract modifications are also accumulated in an audit trail. This also enables managers to review contract management and incident handling later on. 
  • Maximizing client value by automating contract renewal steps, upselling and cross-selling strategies. 

Request a demo to see this functionality in action. Discover how your company can start realizing its full potential by streamlining its home protection plan operations, from the sale to claim resolution.


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Home One Warranty software helps your company efficiently manage home warranty contracts. The application effectively manages the pricing and coverages of different plans, the sale of home warranty product to a buyer, the processing of claims and the renewal of home warranty policies. Let us show you examples for home warranty companies, utility companies or home builders.

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