Manage Warranty Contracts

The full life cycle of a home warranty contract is managed through the Home One contract processing module, which is optimized thanks to our years' experience in the home warranty industry. Quickly see the history for a customer contract and mange processes including:

  • Track a listing contract and the conversion to a closing contract
  • Price the contract based on the plan selected and optional add-ons
  • Establish and manage pricing discounts and commissions
  • Create renewal rules determining what is allowed to be renewed and pricing
  • Proactive follow up management.  Add a calendar event to be followed up on by a group
  • Track and manage claims during the life of the contract
  • Add and view documents associated with the contract such as scanned signed documents, pdf’s, pictures, etc.
  • Track Buyer, Seller, Realtor, Agent, and Closing Company associated with the contract
  • View audit trail for all contract modifications
  • Calculate Sales Tax by property location
  • Integration to credit card Systems
  • Email contract details using user definable templates
  • Utilize user defined call scripts for new customer introduction calls, renewal calls, etc.
  • Manage renewals based on the contract expiration date


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Home One Warranty software helps your company efficiently manage home warranty contracts. The application effectively manages the pricing and coverages of different plans, the sale of home warranty product to a buyer, the processing of claims and the renewal of home warranty policies. Let us show you examples for home warranty companies, utility companies or home builders.

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