Warranty Coverage Management

What is unique about this home warranty software is that it was built by Warranty Experts with decades of experice in warranty managment. Thefore the program contains all configuration options that are essential and specific to the home warranty industry. You do not have to "tweak" you warranty package to more or less achieve what you want. In other words, you can start using it much faster and it is much easier to understand, especially if your company's core business is not home warranty, but home building or utilities, for example.

Home One contains a user configurable coverage engine that adapts to the coverage options offered by your company. New coverage combinations can quickly be introduced to match the terms and conditions you define. Pricing can also be managed and targeted to a particular state or region.

Here is an example screenshot. You can easily request a fully functional demo to appreciate all the specific advantages for your home warranty business.

home warranty software coverage management



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Home One Warranty software helps your company efficiently manage home warranty contracts. The application effectively manages the pricing and coverages of different plans, the sale of home warranty product to a buyer, the processing of claims and the renewal of home warranty policies. Let us show you examples for home warranty companies, utility companies or home builders.

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